English III

Beyond a requirement for graduation, the purpose of English III is to study U.S. literature and U.S. literary nonfiction, from the 17th century through the early 20th century, to include foundational documents.  You can expect to read a variety of texts; write narrative, informative and/or expository, and argumentative essays; speak with and to your peers and teacher; and listen to your peers and your teacher.  English III students will take the North Carolina Measures of Student Learning/Common Exam at the end of the semester and the ACT during the Spring semester.

The supplies needed for English III are below.  If you cannot obtain these supplies, please let me know privately.

  • one subject spiral notebook (60-100 pages)
  • binder (1")
  • dividers (3, homemade is fine)
  • loose-leaf lined paper
  • pen and pencil
  • optional - highlighters and sticky notes