Beyond a requirement for graduation, the purpose of English III is to study U.S. literature and U.S. literary nonfiction, from the 17th century through the early 20th century, to include foundational documents.  You can expect to read a variety of texts; write narrative, informative and/or expository, and argumentative essays; speak with and to your peers and teacher; and listen to your peers and your teacher.  English III students will take the North Carolina Final Exam at the end of the semester and the ACT during the Spring semester.

All course work (e.g., assignments) for Honors English III will be conveyed via Canvas, an online learning management system. Students access Canvas via their NCEdCloud dashboard.

GRADES: While I will grade in Canvas, and you will see scores there, those grades are not categorized or weighted appropriately. PowerSchool is always the grade you should refer to.

Honors English III & AP English Language and Composition

If you have registered for AP English Language and Composition, you will complete Honors English III in the fall (with me). Honors English III will fulfill your English III credit needed for graduation. APELC is an elective and is not needed for high school graduation.

Supplies for Honors English III

The supplies needed for Honors English III are below.  If you cannot obtain these supplies, please let me know privately.

  • one subject spiral notebook (60-100 pages)

  • binder (1")

  • dividers (3, homemade is fine)

  • loose-leaf lined paper

  • pen and pencil

  • optional - highlighters and sticky notes

Technology in Our Classroom

Note: This information is also in your Honors English III Syllabus that you received on the first day of school.

Your assigned ChromeBook may be used with my approval while in my classroom. Usage of this ChromeBook is a privilege and will be in accordance with the Croatan High School/Carteret County Schools Technology Usage Policy. Reimbursement as the result of damage to the equipment will be the responsibility of the assigned, responsible student. 

Students are expected to bring ChromeBooks (as well as ChromeBook chargers, if needed) to class each day. If you neglect to bring your ChromeBook to class, or if it is not charged adequately and you do not have your charger, your professionalism grade will suffer.

I expect you to frequently check your school email; access Canvas, an online learning management system; and access and utilize the Google suite of products (e.g., documents, slides, sheets). 

ChromeBooks will be used in this course as an in-the-classroom and out-of-the-classroom instructional tool. Therefore, internet access outside of class is imperative. If accessing the internet outside of school is problematic, please let me know.

What past students say about Honors English III/AP English Language classes...

  • Expect to write a lot in this class; it is an English class. If you don’t like writing, it probably isn’t for you. Alyssa M.

  • Don’t do all of your homework at lunch unless you’re okay with a low B or worse. Ryan P.

  • Never take constructive comments personal. If your work or analysis is subpar, you should be thankful you have a teacher who’s willing to sacrifice to make you better. That being said, take those comments and use them to better yourself; your overall growth and satisfaction in this class is based on the inevitable commitment from Mrs. Newton coupled with your exercising of the same dedication. JP M.

  • Don’t lose confidence, the class is a lot more fun than it may seem, you just have to put forth the effort. Jordan W.

  • If you have the opportunity to get ahead JUST DO IT. You will feel so accomplished when you are finished. Adrie L.

  • Newton literally hears and sees everything so use nice words and don’t do stupid stuff. Franny H.

  • Never be afraid to ask Mrs. Newton a question about anything. Adrie L.

  • A tremendously tasking, horrendously demanding, intensely difficult course that requires hours of dedication, Mrs. Newton’s APELC course will teach you the fundamental tools necessary to improve your writing, analyse the texts of others better, and become an informed and independent thinker. If you’re looking for an easy A.P. credit, look elsewhere; this class -- while fun -- is for those who wish to grow and those who wish to challenge themselves to become better people. Some of the best lessons I’ve lived in my (short) life have come from this class. Alexander C.

  • This class is hard work, and it only becomes more difficult after the first semester. But, it is all worth it; this was one of my favorite classes of all time. If you can put in the work, all the tools you need to pass, both in the class and on the exam, are given to you. Trent H.

  • Few other A.P. classes are taught by a teacher who is more committed to your success than you often are. I can speak from experience when I say that none of Mrs. Newton’s students are alone in their preparation for the exam, or for college. Ali M.

  • As someone who struggles through the year as it progresses, Mrs. Newton makes things so easy, and she really cares about you. Throughout the course you will realize how much Mrs. Newton really helps you. Nathan B.

  • This class teaches you skills that you will ACTUALLY need in college and the real world! You’ll never have a course that explores all topics: math, science, history, politics, and writing (of course!) like this one. Samara R.

  • Far and away the most enjoyable A.P. class I have ever taken and Mrs. Newton is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had - it’s a lot of work most days but it most certainly pays off and if you pay attention you’ll be ready for the exam. If you’re going to take an A.P. class, it needs to be this one. Jenna D.

  • No matter how painful the assigned essays are, they WILL improve your writing. Keep trying to improve yourself, don’t become complacent in your work. Owen R.

  • Nothing worth doing isn’t worth overdoing, if you really wish to succeed in this class then you must be willing to excel expectation, which is already pretty high. Meeting the written requirements of an assignment won’t cut it anymore! You have to care. You must desire success. Mrs. Newton is a realist, she will not pass a student on the technicality of an assignment, you must display what she is truly asking for. You must display true knowledge and understanding. And remember, this is your last effort, your last high school effort. Senior year will be easier, it's this year that will make or break you. So always be ready to give that one final effort when it's 3:30 am and you're tired. You are here to succeed, not to pass! This is real stuff and is actually useful in the world. Brendan F.

  • If Ms. Newton comments “no” on your work, it’s because she’s trying to help you and not because she’s trying to be mean (that’s not something she does). Molly W.

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Mrs. Newton is a great teacher who really knows the material and cares about your success as a students. However, just as every other AP class, there is a large workload, and you must be willing to work. If not, you will NOT succeed. You only get out what you put in, so try and Mrs. Newton will ensure you succeed. Tommy R.

  • You may be hesitant about taking this class because of how hard it seems but it really isn’t that bad. The work is often thought-provoking and challenges your previously held opinion. Accept it and learn from it. You will learn that every opinion is valued and will affect your beliefs someway or somehow for the good. Plan your time wisely. If you are the kind of person to do everything the night before, your life will suck. However, the work load gets easier as you get better at working smarter and faster. Overall,this is the best class I’ve ever taken and I guarantee you will enjoy all of it. Jacob R.